Sustainable MEP Designs.

Energy efficiency and controlling costs are key factors when you’re running a facility.

At MelKay, our team is highly trained in planning and executing green energy systems for a variety of construction types, such as commercial, industrial, and healthcare complexes. We’re able to implement a wide range of green technologies, including (but not limited to):

  • Flywheel UPS Generators

  • Retrofitting for Maximum Energy Efficiency

  • Light Harvesting Systems

  • Reduced Water Pressure/Gallons Used

  • Reduced Pressure Zone Valves (RPZs)

  • Natural Gas

  • Instantaneous Water Heaters

  • Waterless Urinals

MelKay’s Green Initiatives.

Implementing green technologies isn’t just something that we do for our customers. As a company MelKay is also working toward incorporating environmentally friendly practices. We’ve switched our lighting over to LED, and we’ve installed solar panels on the MelKay building to help combat greenhouse gas emissions and become more sustainable. With the advance of sustainable systems, our team is continually being trained on the latest green technologies so that we can provide you with top of the line solutions.

Safe Solutions.

Safety on your worksite is our top priority. Our team follows a number of protocols to keep safety standards.

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Integrity, Reliability, and Excellence.

MelKay has been regarded as a leading MEP company due to our ongoing commitment to quality service and leading-edge expertise.

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